All Pokemon GBA/GBC rom hacks list

Pokemon Rom Hacks List

A list of pre-patched and tested Pokemon Rom Hacks, available to play on a Game Boy Advance emulator.
If you find a game you've played not in the list, please suggest a hack in the comments section. This might help somebody else out.
GD = Google Drive(This means that only download link is available, if you want page for any of these hacks. Please comment )
Red Background = New
Grey = Popular
Purple = Series


Pokemon Fire Blast (v2.0) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Redouble (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red Backwards Edition/ Der Erif (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red Evolution (v0.95) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red: Generations (Beta 1.5a) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red Mega Edition (v1.01) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red Omega (Final Beta) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red Origins (08-19-16) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Sun 1400
Pokemon Fire Sun (Final) {Old} (GD)
Pokemon Fire Yellow
Pokemon Fiya Red (v2.6) (JP) (GD)
Pokemon Flame Fakemon (Completed) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Flame of Rage (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Flame Red (GD)
Pokemon Flaming FireRed (v1.5) {Discontinued} (GD)
Pokemon Flaming Grace (v1.1) (GD)
Pokemon Flare
Pokemon Flare Red Version
Pokemon Fllare Red (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Fllare Red 2: The Mist (Beta 2) (GD)
Pokemon Flora Sky (Main + Complement Dex)
Pokemon Flora Sky Rebirth (v12.18 English Translation) (GD)
Pokemon Flora Sky Rebirth (Build v0.2 September 19, 2018) (Pt) (GD)
Pokemon Fluorite
Pokemon Francium
Pokemon Fresh Silver (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Frigo Returns (v0.2) (GD)
Pokemon Frosty (GD)
Pokemon Fuligin
Pokemon Furious Flames (Beta 2.72) (GD)
Pokemon Fused Emerald (Alpha 3) (GD)


Pokemon Shuckle Version (Demo 1.2) (GD)
Pokemon Sienna
Pokemon Sigma Emerald
Pokemon Silver Legend (Beta 1.0.5) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Sinnoh Legacy
Pokemon Sinnoh Quest (Update 2) (GD)
Pokemon Sirius (Beta 1.2) (GD)
Pokemon Sky Twilight
Pokemon Skyline (Beta 1 Fix 1.3) (GD)
Pokemon Smiley Face (GD)
Pokemon Snakewood
Pokemon Snowy White (v6.0 EX March 26, 2018) (CH) (GD)
Pokemon Snowy White (English Translation) (GD)
Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies (Beta 2) (G) (GD)
Pokemon Spice (Beta 0.5) (GD)
Pokemon Spirit Emerald (v1.2) (GD)
Pokemon Stadium Advanced (Beta 1.1) (GD)
Pokemon Stardust (Alpha 1) (GD)
Pokemon StarRed
Pokemon Stone Dragon (Remake) (Pt) (GD)
Pokemon Strike Yellow (Beta 0.4) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Stronger (S) (GD)
Pokemon Strongest Evolution (v3) (GD)
Pokemon StunningSteel
Pokemon Sun Moon FireRed
Pokemon Sun Ruby (Beta 0.23) (GD)
Pokemon Sun Shrine (GD)
Pokemon Sunrise Orange
Pokemon Sunset Orange
Pokemon Super Fire Red {Mega In-battle} (Pre-Act 7) (GD)
Pokemon Super Fire Red {Mega Out-of-battle} (Pre-Act 7) (GD)
Pokemon Super Heart Red
Pokemon Super Mega Emerald (08-30-2014 Update) (GD)
Pokemon Super Rising Thunder!
Pokemon Super Theta Emerald (v1.7.6) (GD)
Pokemon Sweet Version
Pokemon Sweet 2th


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