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Download Pokemon Vs Zombies English version free mod

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Download Pokemon Vs Zombies | Pokemon is a cartoon character in very well known person and the zombie is taken from the game Plants Vs Zombies that many gamers played, well what if pokemon combined with Plant & Zombies game, it will definitely exciting happens. Cekidot ... one creative one that makes it into a cool game, the first game plants vs. Zombies is a game that we have seen the same, and now the character of the plants then be converted into Pokemon Pokemon vs. Zombies, the game remains the same with plants vs. Zombies only Any character that changes. Well if anyone is interested to play it I provide the download link I get from blogs neighbors. Please see the link below :

Screenshot : 

Download Pokemon essential kit latest v17.2 2017-10-15

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Game toolkit for RPG Maker XP

Pokemon Zeta/Omicron

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Pokemon Zeta/Omicron

You can download the game fresh from the "cores" section, or a patch to update your older copy of the game.
If you want to patch, here's what you have to do, download the patch for your version in this thread. Inside the zip there are instructions on how to patch your game.
That's how you get!

Please read the instructions on how to transfer your files in the "readme" document that is in each patch.

Black and White Battle GUI Pack.
This changes the battle scene to look a little more like Black and White. Credits to /u/BionicleManF.

3D Pokemon Sprite Pack
Your computer may not be able to run this. If you choose to install it, and your game starts lagging and even going as far as crashing mid battle ("script is taking too long") don't blame us! Credit to /u/Sicns.
If you install this, or any other animated sprite pack, you run the risk of getting map blackouts (you still run the risk if you don't, but that's only on really really long play sessions or terrible computers). If they occur, just save and restart the game.

Sprite Overhaul Pack
This pack does a variety of things including changing the pixelly Pokemony feel for a non-pixelly Pokemony feel (you'll just have to click the link to see what I mean by that). It also includes XY backgrounds! Credits to /u/MellyShy.

Team Olympus Updated Sprites.
This changes Team Olympus's sprites to an updated, cleaner version! Credits to /u/echothethird.
Team Asgard Updated Sprites.
This changes Team Asgard's sprites to an updated, cleaner version! Credits to /u/Siveran.

Rival Jake Updated Sprites.
This changes your Rival Jake's sprites to an updated, cleaner version! Credits to /u/Polahhhbear.
Divaevus/Maladeux Updated Sprites.
This changes Divaevus and Maladeux sprites to an updated, cleaner version! Includes icons, overworld, and shiny sprites, so you can be mad when your opponent has a shiny divaevus! Credits to the artist that /u/Serrixcommissioned, with help by me!.
For these two files, make sure you click the gray "download from browser button" to get the file! The button that says "MEGAsync" is not the file that you want!

CHANGELOG (Bolded are 1.5.5/, unbolded are 1.5.1-1.5.4)
  • Fixed the issue where LunarDusk doesn’t know how to make minimal changes to a game in less than 5 patches
  • Refixed crash at Megastone shop
  • The music files have been fixed, and now both games take 10x less space than ever before!! + Fixed the broken or misplaced gen 6 cries.
  • Fixed problems caused by the trader in Blackfist City Residential District. If it breaks again i’ll most likely just add these pokemon into the wild for both games but from previous testing, it should be working now!
  • Added the Lati@site stones into the respective games that needed them. + Changed the Mysterious egg into a regular Noibat gift, so Solorun players will have it sent straight to their Pc. Sorry it won’t be shiny anymore!
  • Fixed Music for both Mac and PC, meaning that it should not only play properly but also loop and change in the proper scenarios. + Readded the Readme file to the patch folder, so now you can know how to properly patch. Sorry about that!
  • Fixed Polaris Town trade. The youngster is the same one that trades the Keckleon!
  • Zarivar Town now has a man in a green deliveryman outfit. Talk to him to obtain the past mystery gift items!
  • The menu option “Mystery Gifts” has been removed from the Save Select menu. There are no more Mystery Gifts, and the ones from the past versions are available in Zarivar Town as stated above.
  • Fixed The infamous Blackfist City bug. Credits for /u/Deukhoofd for everything he did to help me fix the issue!
  • Added the three starter pokemon to the Aroma region for people playing a solo run that want to complete the pokedex still. You will find Victreebel and Magmortar in Route 5X, and Kingdra can be caught on Route 7X when fishing!
  • All of the necessary music files have been changed from .midi to .mp3, meaning that they SHOULD work in the mac versions now. If not, check your settings.
  • Added Axew to Midnight Way in Zeta, because I forgot to make him non-exclusive. sorry!
  • Added the gen 6 shiny sprites, delta shiny sprites, and all the missing follower sprites! credit to Princess-Phoenix on deivantart For the original sprites of the gen 6, and credits to Sicns and everyone who helped him for gathering delta followers!
  • Added in cries for any missing pokemon. Plate Legendary cries are courtesy of /u/LJ_Ele118 from the Epsilon team!
  • Added a new event in Zarivar Town. Make sure to talk to Jeremy in the Lab once you get into town! He may have a surprise for you.
  • Added a new house in Blackfist City, with a small family of a mother and her son who has moved into the area to trade with anyone! In the aroma region, a youngster has been spotted on his own in a house in Polaris town, maybe he has a new pokemon to trade?(TRADES DEPEND ON GAME VERSION)
  • Added Blaziken to the rare wild encounters of Route 6X, since he was the only starter that you couldn’t catch in the wild.
  • A certain character from the Aroma Region appears in the Challenge Championship Lobby, and showing him a legendary pokemon will give you the matching legendary from the other version of the game. For example, if you show Jirachi to him in Zeta, he will give you Victini.
  • Simipour, Simisage, and Simisear have been added as an event in Phoenix Iota. Talk to a girl in the Pokemon center to start the event.
  • Changed the legendary dog event slightly. Now, instead of only one appearing based on your aroma starter choice, you will be able to obtain all three!
  • A hiker in the High Kingdom City now sells all of the megatons for both versions.
  • All online features have been removed.

Pokemon Wack Version

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Pokemon Wack Version is a Pokemon Essentials game that may just take pokemon games to the next level.
The game currently has a total of 1050 pokemon, with new original fakemon created by me. There are over 1000 new moves. A total of FOURTY TWO types.
There will be 16 gyms, two regions and two elite fours by the time this project is finished, as well as an extensive postgame.
ALL pokemon will be made available, many pokemon from past games will be available very early on.

One thing that sets this game apart from the others is its high difficulty spikes. The gym leaders are all very difficult and unique, for example, the FIRST gym leader has a Snover and a new pokemon with Ice Body. I don't want to spoil anymore, but you can expect cool strategies like that from the rest of the gym leaders, important trainers and every so often from completely random trainers. The gym leaders will be capable of Mega Evolving their pokemon starting at the third Gym.

There is something which I've partially implemented (Only Kingler and Sharpedo have this): New evolutions that are only accesible by the pokemon knowing an egg move. (Both evolve by knowing ancientpower) Because of this, the Day Care is accessible fairly early on. Now you might be wondering, why would I go through the trouble of doing all that? Well because these new pokemon have monumental stats on par with Mega Evolutions, so they'll make your run through the game much easier, when you finally get them.

Furthermore, as I release new updates I will make sure to add new stuff on previous routes to keep things fresh.

As for the story, I don't want to spoil too much but basically there is a very powerful and rich organization that rules over the region, and a team emerges to take them down because they don't like the way they run things. But who is the true villain?
Click image for larger version

Name:	gselect.png
Views:	1133
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ID:	77168Click image for larger version

Name:	Frosty.png
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ID:	77169Click image for larger version

Name:	prehist.png
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Size:	50.9 KB
ID:	77170Click image for larger version

Name:	abanadone.png
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Size:	55.5 KB
ID:	77171

Pokémon Wet Moat

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Every wondered what it was like to really wander through the tall grass? Want to see how good your Pokéball aiming really is? With Pokémon Wet Moat, you can. After you beat Misty Jr., make your way over to New New New Mauville, and talk with Wattson to get a special item: the VictReebell Goggles. With these, you can jump right into the world of Wet Moat. Make sure you master your Z Move movements, if you mess up, your attacks won't hit with as much damage!
Following Pokémon... and much more
With Pokémon Wet Moat, we wanted the world to really feel alive. So that's why every Pokémon in the game can follow you in the overworld! Not only that, but sometimes random strangers will follow you! And should you defeat them in battle, you can even get Gym Leaders to follow you! What else will follow you in Pokémon Wet Moat? Play to find out!
An Open World, Filled with Friends
Pokémon Wet Moat is designed to be played how YOU want to play it. Want to hang out with your friends? Just turn on the MMO feature and go tackle Mount Gold and Mount Sun, along with over 200 other multi-player designed dungeons. Rather play on your own? No problem, just unplug your internet, and enjoy the wide world of Wet Moat alone!
Pokémon Bank? Meet Pokémon VAULT
In Pokémon Wet Moat, the top scientists of the Faykeia Region have discovered a way to transfer your Pokémon not just to Sun and Moon, but all the way back to Red, Blue and Yellow! Enjoy using the Virtual Atomic Unbolting Link Technology, and we hope you held onto your link cables!
Wet Moat App
With the Pokémon Wet Moat Wet Moat Companion App, you can manage your save file, change your boxes, and even play the game on the go! All available on the App Store, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Palm Pilot.
Social Media Integration
With Pokémon Wet Moat, we wanted everyone's Journeys to be shared. That's why we've partnered up with your favorite social networks so you can make your experience social! Here's just a few: Facebook, Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Liveleak, Chatroulette, MySpace, Skype, XBOX Live, Tinder, Kinder, Miiverse, Pinterest,,, iTunes, AIM Instant Messenger, and more!

Pokémon Umber

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[Image: 1vCzYUk.png]

[Image: 5znQ3I5.png]

Here's my entry, Pokémon Umber. You and your friend Kezia have taken a trip to the harsh Umber Island (based on the real life island of Tenerife, with the Pokémon that spawn there in Pokémon GO inspiring what you can find in the game!) with to practice your Pokémon training skills and become stronger trainers. At first, it seems like the two of you are in for a challenging but fun vacation, yet before long something dangerous and powerful threatens to destroy the entire island...

I made this game was made using RMXP and Pokémon Essentials

Pokemon Titan

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[Image: 551f8cd80bc1f45c95662d5c322a9576o.png]
[Image: e4199a9ea4b6a77e60c976f7be9733b1o.png]
[Image: 67cf1dfe0e12bf9fb655955f66b963f8o.png]
[Image: 2686dfba16bc1dcdaea3f1d7d178e978o.png]
[Image: 5e0c4377ada00ab8fb8954d3f4e3f1dbo.png]

[Image: cb59183b5e02c37f833443dd0e251550o.png]

Completed Pokémon Thyme

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[Image: 2S27za5.png]

...Is the title of the game jam game I made this year. It is currently 4 AM and I am too tired to playtest anymore, so I can only hope that the game doesn't have any big bugs left. I am very surprised that I managed to finish this in thyme.

One day, when you're just minding your own business, standing around in Jamstone Outskirts doing... nothing, basically, you hear a scream of PANIC!
Following the direction the shout came from, you find a Strange Charm. Little do you know that this charm will be the centre (or like, somewhere close to it at least) of my most poorly thought out story yet! Travel through two versions of Jammest Island- past and present to stop an eccentric thief from the past and a not very interesting historian from the present from catching Celebi and causing the world as we know it to fall into chaos! Or, at least, that's what I assume would happen if Richard got it.

Game Screenshots:
[Image: x4wkU2b.png] [Image: PHopbW5.png] 
[Image: PG9jDa0.png] [Image: LeXnlV1.png]
[Image: HpFfyA8.png] [Image: q61WAFo.png] 
[Image: mBFZGCl.png] [Image: tz4CMi0.png]



Completed The Secret of Cinnabar Mansion

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[Image: secret%20of%20cinnabar%20title%20screen_zps2ucj6tzc.png]
The Secret of Cinnabar Mansion
Hi everybody! I'm Twitch, and this is my game, The Secret of Cinnabar Mansion. I made it over the course of about a month for the Relic Castle Summer 2015 Game Jam. It was my first time using Pokemon Essentials to make my own game entirely from scratch, and developing it was a fantastic learning experience. I wanted to explore making a game in the style of Gen One and expand on some areas of canon that I felt had a lot of potential. I'm so thrilled and flattered by the positive reception this game has gotten! I was not at all expecting to win Judge's Choice for my little hour-long game, either. I'd like to thank Relic Castle so much for the inspiration and the encouragement I needed to make this -- thanks so much, everybody!

A narrative-focused game in the style of Pokemon Red and Blue. Explore and discover the mysteries of the ruined mansion on Cinnabar Island. You play as a scientist tasked with delivering a package. Read all the journals and uncover the mystery of why the mansion was abandoned -- but be wary of hostile trainers and wild Pokemon!

This game takes about an hour to complete. There are 2 endings, so try and find them both! It's not too hard, but if you get stuck on trying to get the Good Ending, feel free to PM me and I'll tell you how you can do it.

  • 100% Completed Game
  • Nostalgic 8Bit Graphics
  • Choose between three partner Pokemon: Magneton, Porygon, or Weezing!
  • 2 Endings
  • Fantastic music by GlitchxCity

[Image: secret%20screen1_zpsm5vqruke.png] [Image: secret%20screen2_zpslgz95cdu.png][Image: secret%20screen6_zpsvjyidqrl.png] [Image: secret%20screen5_zps8vk2dwqa.png][Image: secret%20screen4_zpsjhoadgk7.png] 
  • Concept - Nintendo/Game Freak
  • Pokémon Essentials - Flameguru/Poccil/Maruno
  • GSC Essentials - Comboy
  • Tiles - RBY Tileset from the Spriters' Resource, custom edits by me
  • Music - Pokemon Mansion Remix by GlitchxCity, Pokemon RBY music from VGMusic

Completed The Holy Mountain: A Pokémon Adventure

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[Image: a9XCuFz.png]
You play as Kazuo, a monk living atop a remote mountain in Japan. One day, you decide to travel to the mountain's peak in order to confront the evil spirit that is responsible for the death of your sister.

It's a game about mood and atmosphere instead of instant gratification, i.e. there are no trainer battles or running shoes, only wild Pokémon and sporadic NPCs. I've tried to pack as much as possible into its brief running time - there are three endings, depending on how you defeat the final boss.

Having played it again, I'll admit it's flawed - the opening stages are too reliant on dialogue, for instance, and some bits just don't work. But there's plenty in there that's important to me as a game developer and storyteller. And if you like Legends of the Arena, well, you'll probably find this interesting.

[Image: k7OTN6u.png]
Concept - Nintendo/Game Freak
Pokémon Essentials - Flameguru/Poccil/Maruno
Tiles - Kyledove/Chimcharsfireworkd
Music - Okami Original Soundtrack (Rei Kondo/Masami Ueda/Hiroshi Yamaguchi/Akari Groves)
Splash Screen - Pukahuna

Pokemon The Evil Inside 2

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Evil lived on, it grew, it spread to a new world... The Amry of Pokémon is rising again. The Commando returns once again to take the Army out once and for all!

Started: August 2003 --- Finished: ~2004
PTEI2 Features:
  • Advance CBS in several Gameplay modes
  • Dynamic and Extreme Fun Gameplay
  • Fully Customized CMS
  • Huge Improvement from the first
  • After taking out the Primary Evil Pokémon, the Pokémon world was restored to its original state... Pokémon & Humans lived in harmony again.

  • Story: 
    Only 48 hours after the Incident in the Pokémon World was over, the Pokémon started taking over its neighbouring world "Jotho". Not under-estimating the Pokémon again, the worlds leading armies sent in all their troops... If a single man can make a stand surely an intire army can... right?

    The border between Jotho and the Old Pokémon World are completely sealed of by the Global Defence Force the "World Army". From the distance, soldiers could see a single figure marching from the Old Pokémon World towards Jotho.

    As the figure came closer, All the soldiers recognized him. "Colonel!" they all said. The man didn't stop to talk or rest, he went strait for the Armory and loaded up on gear.

    Then he marched on into Jotho, into a world infected with Evil Pokémon.Can he stop the Evil Pokemon Army once again?
    Game start screen

    Boss battle cutscene
    Before snowboarding minigame
    Cutscene battle
    Night vision goggles view
    Main menu Pokédex 

    VR Missions

    End Game Menu (Beat the game to see what you get!)

    Main Menu Equip
    Snowboarding Minigame 

    The Cutscene that won: Cutscene of the year! Bmage's
    entrance scene

    Cheat Menu

    Colt and Soldiers flying from an explosion!